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Southwest Conservation Corps


Program Wide Staff

Photo of Morgan Brandenburg

Morgan Brandenburg

Recruitment, Outreach, and Communications Manager

Photo of Kevin  Heiner

Kevin Heiner

Corps Director

Photo of Caitlin Payne

Caitlin Payne

Individual Placements Program Manager

Photo of Joy Hernandez

Joy Hernandez

Individual Placements Program Coordinator

Four Corners Region • Durango, CO

Photo of Richard Brown

Richard Brown

Logistics Manager

Photo of Teresa DiTore

Teresa DiTore

Youth Programs Manager

Photo of Jacob Mandell

Jacob Mandell

Youth Programs Coordinator

Photo of Clara Moulton

Clara Moulton

Four Corners Director

Photo of Katy Olson

Katy Olson

Office Manager

Photo of Nick Olson

Nick Olson

Forest Health Partnerships Program Manager

Photo of Cassandra Owen

Cassandra Owen

Ecological Monitoring Program Manager

Photo of Nate Peters

Nate Peters

Watershed Programs Manager

Photo of Lisa  Slupianek

Lisa Slupianek

Adult Programs Manager

Photo of Lane Tomassini

Lane Tomassini

Adult Program Coordinator

(970) 946-1988
Photo of Kristen Hencke

Kristen Hencke

Program Coordinator

Photo of Cassie  McCarty

Cassie McCarty

Field & Logistics Coordinator

(970) 946-4685
Photo of Seth Davis

Seth Davis

Field and Logistics Supervisor

(773) 230-1539

Los Valles Region • Salida, CO

Photo of Ben  Correll

Ben Correll

Program Coordinator

Photo of Anna  Hendricks

Anna Hendricks

Regional Director

Photo of Kiersten King

Kiersten King

Youth Program Coordinator

Photo of Dylan Lang

Dylan Lang

Logistics Coordinator

Photo of Thérèse Ryley

Thérèse Ryley

Program Director

Photo of Aubrey Tamietti

Aubrey Tamietti

Youth Programs Manager

Photo of Trevor Taylor

Trevor Taylor

Program Coordinator

(719) 239-0289

Catch up on what you missed!

If you weren't able to attend our Virtual Showcase last week, click the link to watch the recording!

This is the BEST way to learn about our work in communities and conservation and to find out about open opportunities!

Hear from alumni, meet some of our staff, and learn about our diverse programs. We are ALWAYS hiring.

Conservation Legacy Showcase