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Southwest Conservation Corps


Program Wide Staff

Photo of Morgan Brandenburg

Morgan Brandenburg

Recruitment, Outreach, and Communications Manager

Photo of Kevin  Heiner

Kevin Heiner

Corps Director

Photo of Roseann McDermott

Roseann McDermott

Grants and Agreement Manager

Photo of Clara Moulton

Clara Moulton

Individual Placements Program Manager

Photo of Katy Olson

Katy Olson

Office Manager

Photo of Caitlin Payne

Caitlin Payne

Individual Placement Program Coordinator

Four Corners Region • Durango, CO

Photo of Richard Brown

Richard Brown

Field and Logistics Coordinator

Photo of Jordan Burningham

Jordan Burningham

Program Director

Photo of Teresa DiTore

Teresa DiTore

Youth Programs Manager

Photo of Eric Falk

Eric Falk

Program Coordinator

Photo of Emily Kasyon

Emily Kasyon

Watershed Programs Manager

Photo of Cassandra Owen

Cassandra Owen

BLM AIM Program Coordinator

Photo of Jeanine Russell

Jeanine Russell

Program Coordinator

Photo of Lisa  Slupianek

Lisa Slupianek

Program Coordinator

Los Valles Region • Salida, CO

Photo of Ben  Correll

Ben Correll

Program Coordinator

Photo of Anna  Hendricks

Anna Hendricks

Regional Director

Photo of Dylan Lang

Dylan Lang

Logistics Coordinator

Photo of Thérèse Ryley

Thérèse Ryley

Program Director

Photo of Aubrey Tamietti

Aubrey Tamietti

Youth Programs Manager

Ancestral Lands • Acoma Pueblo, Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, and Albuquerque

Photo of Ryan Aguilar

Ryan Aguilar

Zuni Program Coordinator

Photo of Michellsey Benally

Michellsey Benally

Program Director

Photo of Mercediz Bileen

Mercediz Bileen

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Aaron Lowden

Aaron Lowden

Acoma Pueblo Program Coordinator

Photo of Robert Mariano

Robert Mariano

Albuquerque Program Coordinator

Photo of Marshall Masayesva

Marshall Masayesva

Hopi Program Coordinator

Photo of Shandiin Nez

Shandiin Nez

Navajo Program Coordinator

Photo of Chas Robles

Chas Robles

Regional Director, Ancestral Lands Program