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Southwest Conservation Corps

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Small Teams - Watershed Crews and Ecological Monitoring

Watershed Crews

Crew Leader and Crew Member Positions Offered

The Southwest Conservation Corp's Watershed Program is an AmeriCorps program that selects young adults, generally ages 18-25, to complete conservation work on public and private land, serving local communities throughout Southwest Colorado. Watershed Crews and Strike Teams have the unique opportunity to work with watershed partnerships, river restoration groups, and land management agencies.


Watershed Crews and Strike Teams are small 2-3 person, technical teams lead by 1 leader. These teams work on specific projects that are suited to a small crew model, often performing invasive species control, vegetation monitoring, and watershed restoration activities. These teams focus on career development, offering members and leaders opportunities to enhance their skills while engaging in meaningful conservation work and environmental stewardship. Members are eligible for an AmeriCorps education award upon successful completion of the program.

Ecological Monitoring • Multiple Locations

Crew Leader and Crew Member Positions Offered

Interns work in a crew of 3 people to monitor land health on BLM lands including National Monument lands, vegetation treatments, rangeland allotments, and reference areas. Participants will manage all aspects of vegetation monitoring using the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) methodology.

To view open positions and apply, see table below.


Open Positions

Position TitlePosition DescriptionLocationDatesApplication
Dolores River Restoration Strike Team Crew MemberThis Strike Team will work with the Montrose County invasive weed management program and as part of the Dolores River Restoration Partnership (DRRP). The DRRP is a public-private collaborative of conservation corps, non-profits, BLM managers, private landowners, and other community members surrounding the Dolores River watershed. Durango, COASAP – November 19, 2021Apply Here!

Recruiter contact

Nate Peters, Watershed Programs Manager (Strike Teams)

Cassandra Owen, Ecological Monitoring Program Coordinator