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Southwest Conservation Corps

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Host a Corpsmember!

Support SCC members during their term of service while helping to build community and protect our public lands!

We are currently seeking hosts in Durango and Dolores/Mancos for our pilot year of the host housing program. If you'd like to help out, whether you are in these areas or not, you can express interest through filling out the contact form. We hope to expand into other areas as soon as 2023!

Beginning January 1, 2023 Conservation Legacy will no longer require COVID-19 vaccination for members, staff or volunteers.

COVID-19 vaccinations are still highly recommended and encouraged by the organization, and we will closely monitor the national picture as well as our own trends and protocols as we continue to navigate the pandemic.

Interested in helping?

Let us know!

Why host a corpsmember?

Benefit to the Member Benefit to the Host
Place to recover during their off time Up to 200$ per month, depending on accommodations
Safe space to store their belongings Invitation to SCC Supporter Events
Stronger sense of belonging in the community Connect to a young adult who is serving the local community
Reduced barriers to participation Play a vital role in helping to protect our public lands

As housing and rental prices continue to rise, it is becoming more challenging for our corpsmembers to secure stable living conditions throughout their terms. During the 2022 season, nearly 60% of our corpsmembers lived out of their cars or camped during their off days. While some of our corpsmembers prefer this lifestyle, having the option of stable housing for those who want it will help improve both member experience and retention rates.



Use the link below to let us know how you would like to contribute!