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Southwest Conservation Corps

Individual Placements

Individual Placements (Internship) Programs

Southwest Conservation Corps' Internship Programs place college students and recent graduates with both public and private resource managers, including federal agencies, local non-profit organizations, and small local farms focusing on sustainable agriculture. 

Typically eight to twenty weeks in duration, interns will serve at locations throughout Los Valles ( South-central Colorado in the San Luis and Upper Arkansas Valleys) and the Four Corners region of Colorado and New Mexico.   Each internship offers a unique opportunity for immersive training, career development, and positive impact--for both the intern, and the communities where we serve.

Four Corners Federal Lands Internship Program

Mountain Studies Institute, Southwest Conservation Corps, Bureau of Land Management–Southwest District, US Forest Service–San Juan National Forest, National Park Service–Eastern Four Corners Group, and San Juan College are members of a collaborative effort to develop public land leaders of tomorrow through the Four Corners Federal Lands Internship Program.

FLIP Connects regional college students and recent graduates with resource managers to gain the knowledge and skills – hands-on – of what it means to work with or for a federal agency. Whether interns, also known as Flippers, participate in natural, recreation, or cultural resource management, a major goal of the program is to better prepare the next generation of agency personnel.

This rigorous paid 11-week career-building internship program offers an outstanding opportunity to learn from professionals in the field, build skills, and gain networking contacts - all while living in a beautiful place. Each student will be paired with a natural resource scientist or manager for a 10-week internship and participate in a one week orientation/training. Students will learn, during their 10 weeks in the field, the methods used by natural resource professionals and community planners in the field and office and contribute to real-world projects. Learn more.

Current Opportunities

Welcome! Below you will find the most up-to-date listing for Southwest Conservation Corps Individual Placement Program. We are always adding new internship opportunities here, so keep checking back! Once internships have been filled, they will be deleted. You can also visit the Open Positions page and scroll to the Individual Placement section to browse positions. Good luck!

Four Corners Region • Durango, CO

BLM Trail Inventory and Monitoring Intern

Apply By: March 15th, 2018  

Start: April 16, 2018  

Benefits: $520 per week + AmeriCorps Education Award

Be a trail ambassador with the BLM! Put your passion for recreation to use while collecting trail data and interacting with visitors to build more sustainable trials for the future. Upon successful completion of your term, the Trail Inventory and Monitoring Intern will receive an AmeriCorps Education Award of $1,538.36. Apply Now!

Rangeland Management Intern

Apply By: Jan 26th  

Start: May 21, 2018  

Benefits: $400 per week + AmeriCorps Education Award

Curious about what really goes in to managing federal lands? Who determines what is allowed where? Put your monitoring skills to the test with the BLM by helping to gather data and complete assessments that answer these questions. Upon successful completion of your term, the Rangeland Management Intern will receive an AmeriCorps Education Award of $1,230. Apply Now!


Reforestation Intern

Apply By: March 15, 2018

Start Date: May 28, 2018

Benefits: $400 per week + AmeriCorps Education Award

How does the Forest Service manage areas that have no forests? Assist a team of forestry technicians collecting survival and stocking information in several tree plantations, clearcuts, and burned areas. This intern will also assist in planting new trees in reforestation planting units. Apply Now!

Timber Management Intern

Apply By: March 15, 2018

Start Date: May 28, 2018

Benefits: $400 per week + AmeriCorps Education Award

Learn all that goes into managing our National Forests. From fuel reduction projects to timber sales; work in Aspen, mixed Conifer, Spruce-Fir, and Ponderosa Pine cover types to promote sustainable forestry. Apply Now!

Field Hydrology Intern

Apply By: March 15, 2018

Start Date: May 28, 2018

Benefits: $400 per week + AmeriCorps Education Award

Work with the San Juan National Forest to inventory spring water sources, survey streams using basic hydrologic field methodologies, and conduct water sampling in various high alpine lakes primarily in the Weminuch Wilderness. Apply Now!


Apply By: January 5th  

Start: February 12th  

Benefit: $520 per week  + AmeriCorps Education Award

The Forest Service in is looking for a co-hort of interns to work alongside each other in interweaving projects. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from peers and well as Forest Service mentors. Not to mention that each of these internships comes with an AmeriCorps Education Award of $2,887 at the end of a successful term and a two year non-competitive status within USAJobs. Want to kick start your career with the Forest Service? Choose your adventure below! 

Interpretive Services Intern: Albuquerque, NM

Signs, educational materials, and programs that welcome the public into the outdoor experience and provide opportunities to learn and feel connected are vital to a visitor’s experience. Play a role in crafting the messages and products that connect people to their public lands! Work with specialists across the agency and experience the diversity of topics and landscapes the Forest Service manages. Apply Now!

Every Kid in a Park Intern: Albuquerque, NM

Help support the Forest Service’s efforts to get 4th graders outdoors with a free annual pass so they can have fun and return with their family and friends. You will develop programs and support the forests and grasslands across the region implement these programs in a coordinated manner. Collaborate with experts across the Forest Service to help get “Every Kid in a Park” in the Southwestern Region! Apply Now!

Bilingual Writer/Editor Intern: Albuquerque, NM

Do you have a passion for languages? Put your Spanish skills to the test helping to translate and create content for the Forest Service. Help connect people to their public lands! Upon successful completion of your term, the Bilingual Writer/Editor Intern will receive an AmeriCorps Education Award. Apply Now!

Recreation and Land Use Intern: Taos, NM

Apply By: February 2nd  

Start: March 12th 

How do ski areas exist on Forest Service Lands? Who is allowed to guide within National Forests? Find out the answer to these questions and many more as the Recreation and Land Use Intern with the Carson National Forest in Taos, NM. Apply Now!

Recruiter contact

Clara Moulton, Individual Placements Coordinator