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Southwest Conservation Corps

Drrp 2017 Monitoring Katherine

Individual Placements

Individual Placements (Internship) Program

Southwest Conservation Corps' Internship Program pairs college students, recent graduates, and young adults with resource managers and places them within federal agencies. The resource managers serve a mentor role, creating accessible learning opportunities and experiences throughout the intern's term. 

Internships run anywhere from 8 to 43 weeks in duration at locations throughout Colorado and New Mexico.   Each internship offers a unique opportunity for immersive training, career development, and positive impact--for both the intern, and the communities they serve. Upon successful completion of their term, interns participating as Americorps Members receive an education award totaling $1,200 - $5,800.

Youth Internships

The following positions are for Montezuma County residents, ages 16-18. 

Position TitlePosition DescriptionLocationDatesApplication
Market Garden Grower High School Individual PlacementWork with the Montezuma School to Farm Project to promote sustainable community agriculture.Mancos, CO6/3/19-7/29/19Apply Here!
Forestry Assistant High School Individual PlacementWork with the Dolores Watershed Resilient Forest Collaborative to help create resilient forests.Mancos, CO6/10/19-7/19/19Apply Here!
Ranch & Agriculture High School Individual PlacementDevelop a knowledge of how natural resource conservation and food production mesh to create sustainable agriculture systems.Mancos, CO6 weeksApply Here!

Open Positions

Position TitlePosition DescriptionLocationDatesApplication
Ancestral Lands - Glen Canyon Archaeology TechnicianWork alongside the National Park Service completing cultural resource inventories and field surveys.Glen Canyon National Recreation Area5/13/19-5/8/20Apply Here!
Position Closes 4/28/19
Ancestral Lands - Glen Canyon Interpretation TechnicianWork alongside the National Park Service to provide guest services to visitors that preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations.Glen Canyon National Recreation Area5/13/19-5/8/20Apply Here!
Position Closes 4/28/19
Ancestral Lands - Glen Canyon Biological Science TechnicianWork alongside the National Park Service to control invasive non-native plants, restore native plants, and assist with bat and bird surveys.Glen Canyon National Recreation Area5/13/19-5/8/20Apply Here!
Position Closes 4/28/19
BLM Fire Planning & Incident Business Individual PlacmentSupport the Bureau of Land Management's Southwest Colorado Fire and Aviation Management Unit by assisting with fire and field mitigation activities. Montrose, CO5/27/19-9/27/19Apply Here!
Position Closes 4/28/19
FC-FLIP GIS TechnicianWork within the Technical Service Group at Mesa Verde National Park to identify and map critical utility infrastructure within the park.Mesa Verde National Park, CO5/27/19-8/9/19Apply Here!
Position Closes 4/17/19
FC-FLIP Occupational Safety & Health Program InternWork with the Safety & Wellness program of Mesa Verde National Park to foster and support a culture that identifies risks and deals with these issues before they become injuries.Mesa Verde National Park, CO5/27/19-8/9/19Apply Here!
Position Closes 4/17/19
USDA Forest Service Recreation & Lands Special Uses Resource AssistantWork with the Rio Grande National Forest's Recreation and Lands Special Uses department to provide special use permit administration on the Forest.Monte Vista, CO5/13/19-11/15/19Apply Here!
Position Closes 4/21/19
BLM Visitor Information Individual PlacementWork with the BLM's Royal Gorge Field Office to provide visitor services along Colorado's Front Range.Canon City, CO5/6/19-12/20/19Apply Here!
Position Closes 4/14/19
Forestry Technician Individual PlacementWork with the Headwaters Zone of the San Juan National Forest to help develop and implement forest vegetation management activities.Pagosa Springs, CO6/24/19-5/1/20Apply Here!
Position Closes 5/5/19
Survey Technician Individual PlacementWork with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to conduct land surveys in the front range of Colorado.Pueblo, CO5/27/19-8/9/19Apply Here!
Position Closes 4/21/19
Great Sand Dunes National Park Interpretation & Visitor Services High School Individual PlacementWork with the Branch of Interpretation and Visitor Services to provide memorable educational and recreational experiences to park visitors.Great Sand Dunes National Park5/27/19-8/16/19Apply Here!
Position Closes 4/21/19
El Malpais National Conservation Area Individual PlacementWork with the BLM to enhance recreation and complete visitor service projects within El Malpais NCA.Albuquerque, NM5/6/19-5/1/20Apply Here!
Position Closes 4/7/19
BLM Resource Program AssistantWork with BLM recreation staff to implement and manage a new site known as Guffey Gorge.Canon City, CO5/13/19-10/25/19Apply Here! 
Position Closes 3/31/19
Forest Service Volunteer Coordinator Resource AssistantCreate a sustainable volunteer program through outreach and coordination on the Carson National Forest.Taos, NM4/8/19-3/20/20Apply Here! 
Position Closes 2/28/19
Forest Service Youth Engagement Liaison Resource AssistantSupport youth engagement opportunities on the Carson National Forest by serving as the liaison between the forest and youth corps crews.Taos, NM4/8/19-9/20/19Apply Here!
Position Closes 2/28/19
Ancestral Lands - Fort Laramie Research AssistantWork with the museum division of Fort Laramie National Historic Site to preserve, protect, and archive artifacts.Fort Laramie, WY4/7/19-9/21/19Apply Here!
Ancestral Lands - Fort Pierre National Grassland Resource Assistant  Help the Fort Pierre Ranger District with land management of the 116,000 acre Fort Pierre National Grassland. Create a coloring book that highlights ecology and Lakota values while also working on habitat improvement projects for pronghorns, pollinators,and other grassland species.Ft. Pierre, SD3/4/19-8/23/19Apply Here!


Connect with resource managers to gain experience working with or for a federal agency.

FLIP - Federal Lands Internship Program

Recruiter contact

Clara Moulton, Individual Placements Coordinator