Adult Crews


Exciting, challenging, rewarding – there is no one word to describe participating in SCC. You’ll learn, but it will take hard work and sweat. You’ll complete great service projects, but it won’t always be easy. You’ll meet some great people, but you won’t always see eye-to-eye. It’s about learning, working hard for the environment and communities, and giving something back. We’re glad you’re interested in joining us. 


Los Valles- Salida

2016 Corpsmember Application is available! Click here now! 

Age Requirements: 18+
SCC Los Valles Region- Salida office will run seven adult crews at a time throughout the 2016 seasons. Our summer and long term crews get started in early June and our fall crews start at the end of August. SCC Los Valles crews get an opportunity to work on habitat and wetland restoration projects, fencing projects, trail maintenance and construction projects- and a handful  of other unique projects - all underneath blue Colorado skies and high peaks that will be framed by an abundance of  aspen leaves and fall high mountain flowers. 


Early June to mid-August 2016

Early June to end of October 2016

End of August to end of October 2016 


Four Corners- Durango

Age Requirements: 18+

The SCC Four Corner Office out of Durango, Colorado will be starting it's fall crews together for Corpsmember orientation starting on August 29th. Specific program details below.


Fall Adult Camping Crews

Dates: August 29 - November 11, 2016 (11 weeks)

Stipend: $275/week

AmeriCorps Education Award: $1,212

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Dolores River Restoration Crews

Dates: August 29- November 11, 2016 (11 weeks)

Stipend: $275/week

AmeriCorps Education Award: $1,515

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SCC AmeriCorps Partnership Graphic





Salida Rock Work

Who We Select

SCC seeks applicants who are interested in fully committing to the program, who are willing to overcome any challenges and those who will take advantage of the opportunities, skills and trainings that are offered throughout their term of service. SCC wants those who will benefit from and contribute the most to the program; previous experience is not required for most positions


•Trail Maintenance & Construction

•Fire Fuels Reduction/Mitigation

•Watershed Restoration

•Desert Restoration

•Mining Reclamation/Restoration

•Tree Planting and Seeding

•Route/Road Closure

•Invasive Species Management

•Fence Construction/Maintenance

•Fire Rehabilitation

•Historic Preservation

•Inventorying and Mapping

•Sustainable/Historic Agriculture

•Weatherization/Energy Efficiency

•Parks/Campground Maintenance

•Disaster Response/Relief


•Water Conservation