Staff Openings

Thank you for your interest in working at Southwest Conservation Corps, a program of Conservation Legacy. 

Conservation Legacy is a proud Employer of National Service. AmeriCorps & Peace Corps alums are encouraged to apply for staff openings!


Ancestral Lands Intern Coordinator- Durango, CO

The Intern Coordinator will get direct mentorship from Ancestral Lands staff to learn the day-to-day administration and implementation of Native American-focused conservation programs. The Intern Coordinator’s primary role is to provide support to our Ancestral Lands-National Park Service Career Institute Interns and seasonal conservation crews by offering mentorship and guidance, moral support, and ensuring program integrity through policy enforcement and positive mentoring. The Intern Coordinator will also assist with program logistics, administrative assistance, planning and facilitating staff trainings, and conducting visits to the Interns’ project sites. The Intern Coordinator will support individuals and both adult and youth crews. Click here for more information about the Ancestral Lands Intern Coordinator position. 




Alpine Trail CrewClearing Downed Tree - Rito Alto TrailField Maintenance of Saws


“You may be wondering by now are these guys Navy Seals? Olympic athletes? Astronauts in training? No. We are a trail crew and we’re here to dig.”