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Generous funders and supporting partners make it possible for Conservation Legacy to operate programs that empower individuals to positively impact their lives, their communities and the environment. Whether it’s through grant support, program sponsorship, collaborative marketing or gear support, our funders and supporting partners are investing in the future of their communities and the environment.

Interested in becoming a funder or supporting partner? We’ll work together to develop a unique partnership that reflects our aligned missions and impact. To get started, email: ron@conservationlegacy.org (Executive Director) or kevin@conservationlegacy.org (Associate Director)

If you are interested in providing an individual donation to Conservation Legacy please contact ron@conservationlegacy.org or make a donation online. 

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“Both SCC crews performed flawlessly and worked great together. The Cibola National Forest is extremely satisfied with the completed work and we are looking forward for the arrival of the next crews.”
-Tyler Albers, Cibola National Forest, NM USFS


"It was so nice to work with such a responsible and professional crew. The project design and goals were relayed to the crew and they delivered the desired results with no issues. No micromanaging or "hand-holding" necessary."
-Sarah Scott, BLM Farmington, NM