Los Valles Projects and Photos

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Dry Creek Wetland Fen

LV - Dry Creek 1 

Tech Crew #008 worked with the Rio Grande National Forest on OHV Trail #700 to construct a GeoBlock boardwalk across a rare Alpine Wetland Fen.  Damage to vegetation surrounding the trail threatened to disrupt the fragile hydrology of the floating mat fen, so the GeoBlock Porous Pavement System was chosen to help stabilize the tread without restricting water flow when the fen is highly saturated.  After transplanting over 2000 sedge plugs and preparing the site, the crew assebled the GeoBlock paving tiles, constructed the 450′ boardwalk and anchored it with rebar stakes, cement and gravel fill.  This is the first GeoBlock boardwalk of its kind to be constructed in the Rocky Mountains and we look forward to monitoring the success of the project in coming years.
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Kerber Creek Revegetation

Kerber Creek 2 

Upper Arkansas Crew #007 spent a week in the reclaimed mining area of Kerber Creek, (near Bonanza, CO) to help the BLM with erosion control and revegetation of the steep terrain.  In total they installed 230 25′ straw wattles, 10,400 square yards of Curlex erosion control carpet, and spread 10+ bags of seed. 

 Kerber Creek Reveg 

Rio Grande OHV Trail Maintenance


Specialized OHV Crew #009 worked for 12 weeks maintaining OHV/ATV trails throughout the Rio Grande National Forest.  Despite being only a 3-man crew they completed over 50 miles of tread and corridor maintenance on 6 trails, installed 47 OHV/ATV dips, built 4 water crossings and removed over 200 trees. 


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