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Alder Creek Crew

Education Award Info:

How To Use Your Education Award- Some advice from AmeriCorps Alumns on how to get the most out of your award.

My AmeriCorps Portal- This is the website you will need to use to access your award. You will need to make an account. If you have any trouble creating your account, call the AmeriCorps hotline at 1-800-942-2677. SCC does not play any role in setting up or processing your award.

Schools that match AmeriCorps Education Awards.

Tips on Using Your Award- from AmeriCorps. This site has some specific examples of how different alumni have used their award.

Title IV School List- In most cases, your education award will only be accepted by Title IV institutions, which means that the school accepts federal financial aid. There are a few organizations that are not Title IV but do accept the award. See the “Non-Traditional”  Ways section to find some of these organizations.

“Non-Traditional”Ways- to use your education award- Don’t have any student loans? Don’t want to go to college? Check out this packet created by a SCC VISTA to explore some options and get the most out of your awards. If you are a US Military Veteran, you can also check out this version to see how your award can be differently than your GI Bill.

Career Resources

CSUs Resume, CV, & Cover Letter Guide- Has an option to see examples by academic discipline, including natural resources and natural sciences

CSUs Interview Guide- Great information on how to interview successfully, interview do’s and don’ts, and tips on salary negtiation

Career Webinars- Select from a variety of webinars through AmeriCorps Alumns about career paths, graduate school, and resume help. Past webinars are also often posted on this same website.

Federal Jobs Resume Guide- A great resource that helps with federal resumes.

How to Become.... -  Figure out what you want to do while you were serving with SCC, but not quite sure how to make it happen? How to Become has an outdoor edition of step-by-steps to making your dreams come true. 


CSUs Tips on Networking & Social Media- More and more employers are starting to check social media sites before they hire you.

LinkedIn - Most people get jobs these days because of the connections they have. LinkedIn is a form of social media but more focused on professional networking. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, consider making one. There are tons of SCC alumni you can connect with on LinkedIn, so take advantage of it!

AmeriCorps Alumns- Certain employers specifically look for AmeriCorps alumni to fill open positions and post them on this site! There are also monthly meet-ups and service events in most major cities.


National Wildlife Federation- You can search for jobs, internships, fellowships, and volunteer opportunities. Internship opportunities are nationwide and in the areas of conservation, education, fundraising, communications, legal work, and publications.

Grassroots Job Source- Nationwide internships and job opportunities in education, conservation, agriculture, sustainability, etc.

Short-Term Job Adventures- Lists of opportunities of short-term job adventures in a variety of areas, including environmental and outdoor jobs in the US and abroad.

OutdoorEd.com- Provides resources and job listings for outdoor and experiential education professionals

Cyber-Sierra’s Natural Resources- Links from this site provide access to postings to jobs and internships in categories including GIS, Environment, Forestry, Natural Resources, Watershed, and Wildlife.

Resort Jobs- Features worldwide resort jobs with ski and snowboard resorts, camps, national parks, cruise ships, restaurants and hotels

USA Jobs- Federal job search engine. Applying for federal jobs is much more complex than other jobs. Please look at the USA Jobs tips guide before creating a profile.

Navigating USA Jobs Video- A helpful step by step video to help you navigate USA Jobs.