Big Meadow Reservoir

Posted by SCC on Wednesday, July 6th, 2011.

Written by a crew member with the Los Valles Region: 

Sharpening Tools

On the second hitch we found ourselves at 10,000 feet in Weminuche Wilderness Area, behind Big Meadow Reservoir. The change was refreshing after a week behind dusty S Mountain. Our assignment consisted of clearing trail corridor – lopping branches, moving brush, crosscutting like seasoned lumberjacks, and annihilating any tree that dared to obstruct the trail. We also found extra work to do along the way: improving drainage and picking up trash around the parking lot and docks. By the end of the week we were well-versed in crosscut terminology; each team member could quickly identify a top-bind, a widow-maker, or a gravity bind.

One of the Lovely Views

Along with clearing corridor we hiked several miles of beautiful wilderness trail, watched the sun set behind the still-snowy peaks, and swam in the freezing Big Meadows Reservoir – if only for a few seconds. One night a group of kids who had been fishing in the reservoir gave us two of their fresh trout, which we cooked and ate for dinner.  We were disgusted by the bloody work of carving the fish up, but delighted by the ensuing meal.  Our campsite was in a clearing overlooking the reservoir and allowed for fantastic views. The days were sunny, spent by a roaring river in beautiful forest. As we hiked a few miles up the trail, a couple feet of snow made hiking difficult. Nights were cold and beautifully starry. More than once I woke up to a frost-covered Nalgene. By sunset we were asleep, ready for another day lumberjack-cross-cutting-rocky-mountain-high goodness.


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